Pro Bitcoin

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the next funeral of bitcoin and the crypto market in general. And they are not unfounded, in fact. The human brain tends to be afraid, especially when things are going badly and/or not according to the planned scenario. The most terrible thing that our poor brain is afraid of is the unknown. It is easier for us to get used to catastrophic factors that have already happened than to vague uncertainty. There is such a thing, if you think about it, would you agree?)

The second disturbing thing is hope.

The hope that the clouds, fog, darkness or whatever else is about to dissipate, and here again our bright future awaits. And it, damn it, does not come in any way. The last eight weeks of the recoilless fall of BTC and another 6 months of correction before that, countless red candles on the charts of other assets, but what’s there to go far — the US stock market, and that’s at its multi-year lows. And this, my dear, is hundreds of millions and billions of dollars of drawdown “on paper” at best, and at worst — a cascade of margin calls. Our poor billionaires from different top lists – it’s not easy for them poor people either.
But back to our sheep. Especially the smart ones will say: “Listen, what difference does it make where the market goes? We earn both ways.” However, they will keep silent about how the bouncing market “saws” them in the same two directions. Games against the printing press (even if at times it slows down the release of candy wrappers, although they do not go anywhere, and it is necessary to put them somewhere) on an ongoing basis lead to the imminent financial death of the “player” – 100% tested by experience.

90% of all “professional participants” of the market have become disillusioned with BTC (I’m writing about Bitcoin, but I also mean some top altos), no longer believe in growth, there are apocalyptic moods around, many of those who somehow endured to the last, “changed shoes” or “changed into shorts”.
Yes, everyone is very scared. But think about it: if you have rather long non-margin money, and you can afford to sit out the drawdown, why be afraid, why?
In addition, you have a great opportunity to buy/ buy at a good discount a super-profitable asset in the medium-long term, which is much less prone to inflation than fiat currencies. After all, bitcoin is no longer becoming, its emission is limited, thereby negating its inflationary component. Yes, it is volatile, yes, it sometimes falls by +80% of its hays. But remember that even taking into account the growth of 2017, the fall in 2018 and the current bull run, in the period from 2016 to 2022, bitcoin outperformed the S&P 500 and other classic assets by almost 100 (!) times.
And yes, we are buying Bitcoin. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Because we know that even if the bitcoin exchange rate goes even lower (and it can), the good news is that in the end it will cost more, it may even cost very much, it may cost $1 million+, and it is very possible that there is not so much left to wait for it and for a long time. Someone will say that this is irrational and not normal. Have you noticed how often recently the most irrational, seemingly at first glance, things happen?